What Is Chronic Liver Disease?

Chronic liver disease is the medical term in which the liver can be the process of destruction due to two main conditions like Cirrhosis and Fibrosis.

Type of Chronic Liver Disease

Chronic liver disease can be consist of two main types i.e.

  1. Cirrhosis of the Liver
  2. Fibrosis of the liver

Cirrhosis of the Liver-

Liver disease can mainly consist of the cirrhosis of the Liver. In Crisis the healthy liver tissue can be converted into the Scar liver tissue. Cirrhosis, also known as liver cirrhosis or hepatic cirrhosis.

In this condition that the liver can not work properly and damage the whole liver. Cirrhosis is a long-term (chronic) liver disease. The damage to your liver builds up over time. if Cirrhosis can not be treated it can be lead to liver cancer.

Cirrhosis Symptoms

if someone has cirrhosis liver disease then they have shown the following disease

  1. Coughing up blood
  2. Hair Loss
  3. yellowing of the skin and eyes
  4. increase in breast gland size in men that is not cancerous, is caused by increased estradiol
  5. the decrease in male sex hormones may manifest as impotence, infertility, loss of sexual drive, and testicular atrophy
  6. Liver size can be enlarged, normal, or shrunken in people with cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis Diagnosis

The Diagnosis of liver disease can be important before converting into liver cancer. The diagnosis of cirrhosis specialized tests such as

1) liver function tests

2) liver biopsy

3) CT scan

4) MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)

5) Ultrasound

Cirrhosis Treatments

The Cirrhosis liver damage can not be treated completely but we can stop it and avoid convert into liver cancer. The antibiotic on the liver cirrhosis can not stop completely but it can prevent liver cancer.

If Liver cirrhosis can not be controlled the last option is liver transplant surgery. Dr. Prasad Bhate is the best liver transplant surgeon at the Aditya Birla Hospital Pune has More than 10 years experience in liver surgery.

 The Liver Cirrhosis can not be controlled then Dr. Bhate can give correct suggestions for treatment.

Your treatment may include:

  • Eating a healthy diet, low in sodium
  • Not having alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Managing any health problems that happen because of cirrhosis

Fibrosis Of The Liver-

If left untreated, the inflamed liver will start to scar. As excess scar tissue grows, it replaces healthy liver tissue. This process is called fibrosis.

Fibrosis can occur in many tissues within the body, typically as a result of inflammation or damage, and examples include:

Lungs, Liver, Heart, Brainknee, shoulder, other joints, skin

Dr. Prasad Bhate has treated all the liver diseases such as cirrhosis, Fibrosis, and other disease at Aditya Birla Hospital and Dr. Bhates Gastro liver Clinic Baner.

If you faced the symptoms regarding liver disease then you can book an appointment with our clinic.

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